Master keying control is a powerful and flexible method of ensuring a high level of security, but the complexity often deters clients or results in a less than optimal solution being chosen.

Market Lock has been designing and supplying master key systems for over 40 years.

The formidable level of expertise developed by our specialist Master Key Locking Systems Department is at your disposal using the latest software and equipment we can develop a system tailored to meet your specific requirements quickly and easily.

Our Master key department can assemble and supply systems that are tailored to meet your own security needs, while leaving the flexibility to adapt to future changes.

In its simplest form, a Master key system allows each key holder to access pre-designated doors within a building.

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Because of high demand Market Lock has invested a large amount of money to supply a very intensive control room equipped with all the modern technology to enable a quick and efficient service from the moment your call is received and dispatched.

Our attention to training makes sure that you receive the quality of service you would expect from a professional organisation.

Whatever your companies needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year our vast variety of equipment services and trained personnel are able to cope.

Our large comprehensive fleet enables us to cover every eventuality in the domestic and commercial market.

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